Terms and Conditions

Most Important Terms & Conditions for Users
  1. These Terms & Conditions, specifically for users, are in addition to the other generic Terms & Conditions listed on the page which are common to all the users of the site. Any violation of these T&Cs may result in his/her account being permanently blocked.
  2. You must provide with accurate and complete information at the time of payment or registration or creating an account on our platform – any misrepresentation of information, or hiding of material information, or impersonation would result in your account being blocked on the site.
  3. Using unfair methods or downloading and distributing Apni Pathshala's Videos will be treated as Cyber Crime, it doesn't matter, that person is one of our students or not, will be treated as same.
  4. Apni Pathshala can also restrict any user if he/she is doing something that is hurting Apni Pathshala's reputation and fame.

We have provided some videos as demonstration purpose, you should check them before purchasing the entire course.

  1. After purchasing the course you can apply for refund within 7 days, no refund will be initiated after 7 days.
  2. This refund policy is straight to the point, and will be treated as it is for everyone, who purchases the course from Apni Pathshala.
  3. Seven days return policy is available till december 31st, From 1st January 2018, no request will be entertained for refund, if you have purchased any of our courses, you should check our terms and conditions.
  4. Discount are subject to availability, and can be withdrawn any time, without prior notice to anyone, will be completely Apni Pathshala's decision.
  5. If you face any problem with your refund settlement, you can contact us at paathshala.apni@gmail.com
  6. Refund amount will be transferred in the same payment method after deduction of service taxes, currently @3.99%.